Society as Data, a half-day symposium, is the capstone event of Data Science Week@Waseda. This symposium features studies which investigate important social issues with the help of applied data science methods. The symposium will start at 9:30 am on January 29th, 2019, in Room 405 of Building 3. Please use the escalator in the main entrance hall of Building 3 to go to the 4th floor, as the elevator does not stop on the 4th floor. The symposium will end around 12:40 pm, and discussions will continue at the lunch reception following the symposium.

Part I: 9:30-11:20

Opening remark by President of Waseda University, Aiji Tanaka
Kevin Lewis (University of California, San Diego). "The Promise and Peril of Data Science: What Online Dating Can (and Can’t) Tell Us About Human Mating."
Petter Holme (Tokyo Institute of Technology). “Predictability of Epidemic Outbreaks and Population Displacement in Disasters.”
Elad Segev (Tel Aviv University). “Global information Flows of News and Web Searches.”
Kohei Watanabe (Waseda University). “Historical Analysis of New York Times Foreign News Using Semi-Supervised Models.”

Part II: 11:25-12:40

Taehee Kim (University of Oldenburg). “The Impact of Politicians’ Behavior and International Events on Hate Speech Diffusion in Social Media.” (joint with Yuki Ogawa, Ritsumeikan University)
Thomas Niederkrotenthaler and Benedikt Till (Medical University of Vienna). “Media & Suicide: Research Overview and the Content, Sentiment and Network Analysis of Avicci’s Death on Twitter.”
Robert Fahey and Michiko Ueda (Waseda University). “Online Discussion of Suicide and its Real-World Effect.”