<About Data used for Forecasts>

Q :Is it permitted to use materials from the National Diet Library?

A:You may use any data which is freely accessible (without payment) to any team – this includes materials from public libraries such as the National Diet Library, or the libraries of other universities.

Q:Is it permitted to scrape information from election-related websites?

A:Scraping is permitted as long as it is not forbidden by the site’s terms of service. However, please perform any scraping in an ethical manner which does not create a burden for the site operator.

<About Team Entries>

Q:Can we change our team members?

A:In principle this is not permitted. However, if you have special circumstances which necessitate a change, please consult us directly.

Q:Can we withdraw our team’s entry?

A:You may withdraw your team. Please contact the organisers by email. Furthermore, if your team has not submitted their entry files by the closing date (23:59 on the day before the election), you will be considered to have withdrawn.

Q:We didn’t receive a team entry confirmation email.

A: A confirmation email was sent to every participant after the team entry deadline on June 26th. It’s possible that this was caught by your spam mail filter, so please check that first. If you still can’t find the confirmation email, please contact us directly.

<About Submission Files>

Q:What happens if one or more of our files is submitted late?

A:In the case where one or more of your files is not uploaded to the submission system by 23:59 (JST) on the day before the election, your entry will be rejected. File submissions after this deadline will not be accepted or considered for any reason.

Q:Can we use animations or videos in the file explaining our model and data (8 page PDF file)?

A:Since this file will be used to create your team’s poster, animations and videos are not permitted.

Q: Since it’s possible to submit files multiple times, which version of the file will the judges consider?

A:Only the most recently uploaded file is kept in the submission system. When you upload a new version, the old version is deleted. If you make a mistake in uploading your files, please upload the correct versions – we cannot accept any request to view older versions you may have uploaded.

Q: We processed some of the data manually and thus cannot submit a code for this part of the data processing. What shall we submit in this case?

A:Please describe how you created the data in one of the files that you submit. Please note that you may be asked to provide more detailed information if we cannot determine how you created the data.

<About the Judging Ceremony>

Q : When will the shortlist of teams who must make a presentation at the Judging Ceremony (July 27th) be announced?

A:Teams will be called up to make presentations on the day of the event. Please be ready to make a presentation when your team name is called.

Q:Do all team members have to attend the Judging Ceremony?

A:At least one member of your team needs to be present in order to be eligible for prizes. If no member of your team is present, you will not be considered for any prize category, and if you were a shortlisted team, your team’s place will be taken by another team instead.

Q : Can I find out my team’s rank before the Judging Ceremony?

A:This will not be announced. However, if you log into the file submission system before the event, you will be able to compare your team’s predictions to the actual election results and confirm how many points you scored.

Q : What kind of people are judging each prize category?

A:The judges are made up of the event organisers (Waseda faculty members) and data scientists from the companies sponsoring the competition. Each sponsor’s prize is mostly decided by that sponsor company. The poster prize will be primarily decided by a vote of all attendees at the Judging Ceremony, but the final decision will be made by the prize sponsor.

Q:Can we receive comments or feedback on our forecasting model etc.?

A:Due to time restrictions, we will not offer comments on the presentations at the Judging Ceremony. However, you will have a chance to ask the judges for feedback at the reception event after the ceremony. Additionally, there will be commentators available to discuss your models at the poster presentation session.

Q:Do we need to print out our own posters?

A:The competition organisers will use the files you submitted (PDF or PPT) to print out a colour version of your poster.

Q:Can people from outside Waseda attend the Judging Ceremony and Reception on July 27th?

A:Yes, these events are open to the public. However, both Waseda students and staff, and any guests from outside the university, must register in advance for the events. Competition participants can attend the post-event reception for free, while the cost for other attendees will be ¥3000.

<About the Rules>

Q: Who holds the copyright for submitted code and data?

A: All copyright remains with the teams who created the code and data.

Q: Is it okay to make our code and forecasts public after the election is over?

A: Yes, this is no problem. Once the election is over, you can make public any part of your team’s entry or forecast.

Q: Is it possible that the rules will change from now on?

A: Essentially the rules will not change from now on. Any further clarifications or small points related to the rules will be published on the website promptly.