Thank you to everyone who participated in the information session for the Data Science Competition on May 14th. The slides from the session are now available online.

Team Registration is now open!

Additionally, for those who couldn’t attend the information session, here are the questions which were asked in the Q&A session, plus the organisers’ responses:

Q: Who will obtain the copyright of the code etc. that is submitted to the competition?

A: Each team retains the copyright to their own work.

Q: Is there any problem with making the results, scripts etc. public after the election?

A: Teams can freely publish their results, scripts, methods etc. after the election. Once voting in the election is finished, you can freely share anything you wish.

Q: Is there any possibility that the rules of the competition will change?

A: Basically, no. No fundamental change will be made to the rules or the evaluation criteria from now on. We may add some information for clarification of specific rules, which will be elaborated on the website.

Q: Is it possible to form a team with members from both Waseda’s undergraduate schools and Waseda’s high schools?

A: Yes, of course. We would actually encourage this – it would count as a form of diversity under our rules, and your team would qualify for the diversity award.