These data sources are presented as suggestions and starting points for your team’s brainstorming. This is not an exhaustive list of available data – if you can think of an innovative and relevant data source that’s not on this list, it could give your team a major advantage!


過去の選挙結果・Past Election Results:

The following websites provide comprehensive databases for past elections:

You can find candidate-level data for past Lower House elections and local assembly election results on the Harvard Dataverse (note that they are not for the Upper House).

候補者と政党の情報・Candidate / Party Information

Will be available once the election is officially called.

人口動態や経済のデータ・Demographic / Economic Information

メディアデータ・Media Information

  • 新聞のウェブサイトや、NHKのウェブサイト等。
    Newspaper websites; NHK website; etc.
  • 早稲田大学図書館からアクセスできる新聞のデータベース(ヨミダス歴史館(読売新聞)、聞蔵IIビジュアル(朝日新聞)等)
    Databases accessible through the Waseda Library (Yomidas Rekishikan for Yomiuri Shimbun, Kikuzo II Visual for Asahi Shinbun, etc.)

SNSやインターネット情報・Social Media / Online Information